Remora Remix, Built, Car

Did some work on my remix of Remora‘s “My Brother’s Guns & Knives” basically just adding some bass & harmonica.  Still fun.  I was working on the mix on headphones & had the bass up really loud when I switched to actual speakers.  It’s a weird situation realizing people listen to most music on headphones & laptop speakers so should I mix for that or for my studio monitors?  Hard to say.

Got a second draft done for Built #2 & got the word from Joe Badon that he’s going to be onboard for drawing it.

It’s halfway through the month & my car inspection is due & I can’t get the check engine light to stay off long enough to pass inspection.  It goes off because of me not driving my car enough basically (it gets 43 miles a gallon & has a 12 gallon tank & I’m generally driving about 20 miles a week lately, which means the gas in the tank is “old” & the O2 sensor is reading it as bad gas).  I guess I need to start driving more or maybe siphon off the gas & get a fresh tank.  A pain.

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