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I woke up this morning with this super simple riff in my head & I got it recorded before I forgot it.  I don’t know if this would be Remora or Muscle Mass.  Hard to say.  I guess one of the main variables is if Muscle Mass is continuing as a project.  As the initial plan of a 30-somethings to 50-somethings dance project seems to have faded away anyhow.  Let me know what you think it should be.


So I went to the Irata show Saturday night.  New line up for them, but headed in the right direction I think.  One thing I did find interesting was the number of people who weren’t willing to buy a CD for $6, but would say, “You guys are great!  I’m going to like you on Facebook!”  The other thing that was interesting was the show was at a hipster bar & there were absolutely no metal people there.  I’m not bad mouthing anybody that pays money that goes to a band, but it is a weird vibe when you think no one in the crowd cares if it’s metal or folk on the stage.

I drew this while the other band was playing (animated it by just scanning it in 5 times):

I did some attempts to promote the bottle comics project.  I looked for a few places that had done articles on messages in bottles & wrote individual reporters.  A couple already wrote back.  We’ll see if they give it any coverage.  The project essentially hasn’t received any new funding in the past two weeks, so it could definitely use a boost from somewhere.

I sent out some emails towards some projects coming up this fall to try to re-expand Silber to be a little less “Brian John Mitchell”-centric.  Have to wait until this fall to see if it works….

Last Night’s Dreams:
To promote the music, Irata signs up for some sort of deal sponsoring some sort of buy-one-get-one-free deal on loaves of bread at the supermarket.

Mickey from Plumerai contacts me asking if Silber can distribute this strawberry beer that she’s made.  The answer is obviously, “I don’t have any idea how to do that.”  Oddly the beer is in cans instead of bottles & I have never seen any equipment that would allow home canning of beer & I wonder how she made that happen.

I’m running a Kickstarter to get Jamie Barnes to make a new record called Vampires in this Town & I sell out of copies of the original pressing of The Recalibrated Heart.

I’m talking to Philip Palmer of Port City Music & he’s saying that I should run a buy-one-get-one CD sale where a major corporation reimburses me more for the free discs in exchange for advertisement throughout the site.

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