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My sister stopped by today to help me with some pictures for photo references for making a paperdoll music video for Remora.  Who knows how far out until I get that to happen.

I got in a few books I ordered of woodcut graphic novels from the 1930s.  I wish I could put everything on hold & read them over the next couple of days, but no way for that to actually happen.

Doing some work on the new EP from Thorn1.  At some point Evgeny gave me what seemed like a random date in the distant future for a release date & now I realize it’s this Thursday.

So I was trying to get my Soundforge software to work on my laptop as Sony (who bought the software since the version I have came out) had given me the codes to enable it.  The codes didn’t work!  I needed to download another program from Sony to alter my software to recognize codes they give out.  So hopefully it won’t screw me up with anything else as the ancient version of Acid I use was on here as well.  I guess I can always exclusively work on music on my music computer.

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