Remora, Car, Dreams

So the Remora shows went pretty well.  I’m hoping to get a chance to do some recording in the next couple of days of the live set with this backing band (there are live recordings of the shows, but I think those are better as personal artifacts than being released).

The cop still hasn’t filled out the paperwork for my accident.  Kind of frustrating.  I already had it towed to the shop.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My body is found dead in bed.  There’s a big black scar on my chest from being struck by lightning.

I find my grandmother’s body in a hospital.  Not only is her body still alive, she’s conscious.  She tells me she wants to go home & I disconnect the stuff from her & pick her up & start carrying her out of the hospital.  She’s the lightest she’s ever been, but I’m still not sure how far I’ll be able to carry her.

At the end of a show I’ve worn through two thirds of an orange tortex guitar pick.  That’s not supposed to happen.

I wake up sobbing.  No one is there to care or notice.

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2 Responses to Remora, Car, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    what kind of podunk town do you live in that it takes a couple weeks for the cops to do their jobs?

    also is the last line of this blog a dream or reality

  2. I wonder the same thing about this town. Maybe in a podunk town they’d fire a cop for incompetence.

    That was a dream, but both that & the guitar pick dream I thought might’ve been true.