QRD & SPACE & Goddakk

So I realized how far behind I am on the idea of doing a double QRD for January & I’m postponing the next label owner interview series until February.  I still need to get to work on the three issues planned after that.  Then after those are done, well, who knows what’s going to happen.  On the one hand the last eight months have been an awesome run for creating a lot of new content via interviews on QRD, but it didn’t seem to generate significant revenue ($1 per hour of work isn’t significant to me) nor increase traffic to the rest of Silber (in fact strangely traffic is slightly down over the past six months despite the presumable boost from the hundred interviews).  I think the thing is that QRD isn’t what people other than me want.  I want indepth interviews & other people want 100 words or less on what is the hip thing for that day.

Today I wrote up the first draft of questions for the QRD mini-comic special & sent it off to a couple folks to look over.

I got in the artwork for working on this year’s SPACE comic anthology.  I’m better at over-extending myself than I should be.

Here’s a video for the upcoming Goddakk record.

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