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Got some work done on the next QRD.  Right around half of the interviews proofed for the guitarist side.  So that’s cool.

Doing the proof of the guitarist interviews inspired me to pick up my guitar & just fool around with it for an hour.  I should start doing that more.  Sometimes I remember that a guitar is pretty much my favorite way to combine wood & metal wires.

So I’m putting together a show for the Silber 15 year anniversary.  More news on who will be performing in a few days.  It’s going to be April 2 in Chapel Hill at The Nightlight.  A free show from 7pm – 2am is the tentative plan.

Did some adjustments (noise reduction, fade adjustments, pop removals) to a couple tracks for the Azalia Snail album.  I’m always torn about things like that.  Where does my job as a label owner to help an artist put out the best record they can turn into me just being a jerk?  I am doing it with consent, so I guess it makes it okay; but I still feel like it’s some intrusive major label type of thing at times while at other times I feel like it’s a form of collaboration – both feelings based exclusively on my mood.

So the show I was having with The Pointless Forest next week has shifted around a bit.  Because of schedule conflicts, instead of playing as part of The Pointless Forest, I’ll be playing a Small Life Form gig.

There’s a new review up of Judge Dredd comics at Nostalgia Equals Distortion from Martin Newman.

I just found out about this site Gravatar that you can use so that you have avatars when you comment on WordPress blogs (like this one).  Takes about a minute to sign up.

Today’s installment of Silber mini-comics is Worms #1.

Last Night’s Dream:
A TV special featuring Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys doing a 30 minute set of his songs like “Liquor & Whores” & “Kitties are So Nice” at some MTV Springbreak type of the thing on a beach.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    also up on Finally Checking it out a review of Red Riding movies which were fantastic enough to make me want to read the entire four book series.