QRD & Hospitals

So the new QRD with 15 interviews with label owners is up.  Got it done earlier than I anticipated, which is nice.

The other news is my grandmother fell down yesterday & I had to take her to the emergency room because there were some cuts that didn’t stop bleeding after a couple hours so they needed stitches.  So about six hours for twenty minutes of doctor service.  Kinda sucks.  & I lost my sleep period & generally feel shitty/useless today.  So I’m going to be cramped to get everything done for the festival thing on Saturday as far as getting my comics together & practicing at least enough to make sure my equipment is working for a Small Life Form set.

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One Response to QRD & Hospitals

  1. michael says:

    6 hours is a bit heavy isn’t it? feel for you. nice interviews btw.