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So the big news for the day is I added a games drop down menu throughout the main Silber site.  So you can now play Tron & Chess & a few other games here on Silber.

I sent out a bunch of interview questions for the next 4 issues of QRD (guitarist special, label owner special, comics special, easter special).  Some responses are flowing back in already.  I think QRD has really kicked some ass over the past year & I wish I knew how to get people to notice it & care & maybe earn the $200 a month off advertising that I’d hoped to.

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I haven’t figured out if I’m going to work on some music stuff tonight or justtion fall asleep.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m Machine Man (Marvel comic character, an android evolved into true AI) & they have started replicating my body & putting human minds in the bodies.  There isn’t going to be enough fuel on this planet to power us all for ten years.

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