QRD & Dreams

I’ve been working on some stuff for QRD the past couple of days.  I finally got the alphabetical/categorical archive page fixed up to be modern.  Not sure if I should just make separate pages for each category instead of the long page with anchors.  If you have an opinion on that, please let me know.  I also did the research to contact the publicists & agents of a bunch of people out of my league for doing an interview Justin Broadrick, Dave Mustaine, Vernon Reid, Jack White, Boris, Queens of the Stone Age, J Mascis, Bernard Sumner, & maybe thirty other folks.  Just have to wait & see if any of those people respond or not.  Trying to get things to level up a bit & I have no idea if it’s possible or not.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m having dinner with my parents & at the far end of the table is a clone of my father just kind of brooding as he eats & not taking part in the dinner conversation.

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