QRD & Dream

So I got up the new issue of QRD.  Another dozen interviews with comic book creators.  It’s funny because it really kinda just hit me as another confirmation of me needing to take a break from things because when I sent out to the dozen folks saying the interviews were up & to let me know if anything needed to be fixed, I got one response saying thanks.  Nothing from the other 11.  Whatever.

Starting to make some plans for my crazy roadtrip that I’m doing this summer instead of doing a tour.  We’ll see what all happens.  Right now I’m supposed to be going to Ohio, Kentucky, & Texas.  I may end up throwing in Wisconsin & Tennessee.  I don’t really know.  Like all of my life lately, plans are subject to change.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m driving my car home from the grocery store & I guess I take it too fast because my car rolls & I’m about to go down a hundred foot drop & I’m trying to get my phone out of my pocket so I can call someone to tell them I didn’t do it on purpose.

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