QRD, Buttons, Dream

I spent most of the last couple days filling some custom button orders.  It’s funny because I realize to really make doing the buttons worthwhile I cannot keep doing projects for friends where I’m doing all the design work for free.  We’ll see what happens.  I mean, so far I’m not so busy that it’s really inhibiting on other work.  & if I start selling my own designs decently on Ebay & Etsy, then I can just do the buttons as a service to friends & kinda stop pushing that front.  Which I think is what a lot of the famous button makers do as they all charge $20 extra for making custom buttons, I assume because they just don’t think it’s worth the bother otherwise.  Just got to wait & see what happens there.

QRD #61 is up.  Still waiting to here back with the proofreading from the guitarists I interviewed & there’s an ad that just shows up as words right now, but it should be fine for the average reader.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m being beaten & questioned in a cell.  They keep calling me Bill Caynor.  A boot kicking my left side breaks a rib & I’m a completely broken man.  I’d tell them anything they want to hear.  I wish I was Bill Caynor so I could just make this all end.

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2 Responses to QRD, Buttons, Dream

  1. Richard Maslow says:

    wake up! you’re still here, baby.

    • Richard! Is it really you? You still dealing in those crazy photographs? I got a button maker, if those photos are in the public domain, we should start a button empire based on them….