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So I was looking into making things easier for people to share with Facebook & Twitter on the QRD portion of the site.  When I added the buttons, it just made things look too branded & clunky for me (which is saying something given my standards!).  In the end it was just me wasting a few hours trying to figure out something on the internet.  What else is new?

In other time wasting news, I’ve been trying to find some glow in the dark paper that I’ll be able to use for making buttons.  Google seems to be running me in circles looking for it as it seems to all either be vinyl instead of paper or have adhesive on the back.  We’ll see if I manage to track down something that will work or not.  In the meantime, I did find something that might work for making buttons with silver backings.

Here’s a video of Clang Quartet from International Noise Conference:

Here’s a new video from Rllrbll:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on a road trip & I stop at a rest area to use the bathroom.  There’s an old man cleaning the place.  It’s my grandfather who’s been dead for 20 years.

The man’s dying because he was surgically altered to gestate a clone of Christ made from a sample from the Lanciano eucharist.  The child has died & the necrosis is spreading throughout his body.

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