QRD, Bottle Comics, Plumerai, Small Life Form

I got a plug in for Notepad++ that allowed me to edit files way quicker & I fixed a bunch of messed up links on the QRD site in a couple hours instead of over a couple of days.  Pretty stoked about that.

Here’s a newly released track from Plumerai.

I got a bunch of work done prepping the artwork for printing up the Bottle Comics.  Good to be ahead of schedule.

So I mastered this 42 minute Small Life Form piece I recorded last week.  I sent it out to a couple friends to see if they think I should release it or not.  Usually I sit on an album a year, so I’m not sure about this looking at it on my own.  If they dig it, I’ll release it to the masses next week.

I think I finally figured out the right export settings to get a video the way I want it on Adobe Premiere.  So here is the Small Life Form practice from last week after I switched out the broken pedal.

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    unreleased track yo not new.