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So I spent the majority of the day trying to figure out if I could make QRD work in such a way to bring significant income.  Surprisingly my answer seemed to be yes?  I’m planning to start to make it monthly.  I’ve got it set up so that there are $1000 worth of ad spaces available a month & the majority of them cost $10 & are permanent placements that I would say are worth more than I’m charging.  But of course I haven’t sold any yet.  Sent to about twenty friends websites about doing ad trades.  Sent to about 50 small labels about placing ads.  If things work out I guess I’d have to raise my rates.  Which I think at the double the price would still be fair & all of a sudden I’m making a living wage for the first time in a couple years.  So anyone have any suggestions for advertisers I should contact?  Labels, mailorder places, whatever?  I tried to see who spends money on the over priced ads on Pitchfork & strangely the answer seems to be cell phone companies?

Incidentally, I’m planning on doing away with a lot of the ads that have previously been on QRD.  The state of NC made it illegal to have kickbacks from out of state companies on websites.  (Well, technically they said that having a presence on a website owned by an NC resident was materially doing business & thus required to paid sales tax; so all the companies canceled NC accounts.)  Google keeps raising their rates at which I’ll finally get my elusive check for their ads.  So it seems I’m better off running things myself.  If all 100 ads on QRD are for Silber products, I suppose that’s okay too.

So my printer ran out of toner & I’d ordered some generic toner to put in it that was certified to work & it seems to have screwed it up a bit & repair parts for the toner cartridge & drum would be $100.  I found a refurbished CMYK laser printer for only $200.  So I went for the upgrade.  Now what am I supposed to do with the old one that I have loved so much for so long?  I guess I need to throw it away.  I think I’ve had it for about eight years & I guess that’s the lifetime of a printer….  So I guess the future of me doing color press releases & comics might be near at hand.

I finished writing the first draft of my mini-comic Built.

Got an email from Pat Kain that he’ll be working on the Vigilant mini-comic over the next couple months.

Going to try to do some work on Remora: Mecha before going to sleep.

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