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A lot of stuff done today that is easy to see over the internet as opposed to my typical behind the scenes work.

So today I finally fixed up the page for the puzzle boxes I’ve been making so that people can order them.  So yeah, go order one.

I also set up the digital download sale of all sixty mini-comics on the main comic page.  Though here’s a secret, there are actually more than sixty comics now & I just put up for sale Worms #7 & Pow Wow #1.

I also put up all the reviews for Northern Valentine’s Fin De Seicle so it’s easier to read up & decide that you should own it.  I updated a bunch of other item pages reviews, but the NV was the page I’ve been most negligent about updating (16 reviews missing).  So if there’s anything on Silber you’ve been wondering what people think of, now’s a good time to nose around the site again.

So I’ve been thinking about doing some more Kickstarter stuff & so I backed a couple more projects that some of you might be interested in.  (1) Plumerai is looking for money to finance their new album.  (2) Dave Sim is working on an a/v digital comic version of Cerebus. (3) A cool looking mini-comic about psychic powers. (4) A hard cover giant robot silent graphic novel. (5) A DVD of cartoon shorts by PB Kain.

I’m going to be one of the performers at this show for 20 guitarists.  You should come out if you can.  I’ll try to do a video stream, but who knows if it’ll work out.

I spent a few hours staining some more boxes so I’ll be able to sell some more comic box sets.

I made a new page for people to use for navigation if they have java disabled or visiting the front page on a phone or something.  Basically it’s all of the drop menus laid out on a page.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, hopefully some folks will use it.

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