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Worked up for doing my next MySpace promo campaign of friending folks that are friends of three Silber bands, but not friends with Silber.  It took quite a while to collect & process the info & it ends up there are only 300 or so folks to contact.  So I guess the good news is I’ll be done with the campaign in a day or so.

Still working on re-working the back issues of QRD.  I’ve done a lot more articles than I though as I still have 250 or so to go.

I watched the movie Book of Eli tonight.  I’d heard negative reviews, but generally only from people who’s taste in movies I don’t trust anyway.  But wow, this was no good.  & it was two hours.  Not the worst movie I’ve seen, but probably the worst big budget post-apocalyptic movie I’ve seen.

I had an order today from Japan (which isn’t that irregular) & interestingly enough their address was only in Japanese (rather than western characters).  Hopefully the package will be able to arrive & the post office doesn’t complain about my crazy customs paperwork.

Getting things planned out for the releases I want to happen over October.  Watch out for it kids.  Should be a lot going on.  Maybe 8 releases, some in the free series & others for sale.

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