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Got the digital versions of the Aarktica & Vlor up for reviewers & started sending the emails out about them.  Of course I ran into the problem I always do where I hit the cap for how many emails I can send in a day, which is kind of annoying as I only got half the messages out.  So hopefully a lot more reviews will start coming in soon.  I still have to do the follow-up emails for the physicals as well, but I guess they won’t get out for a couple more days.

Got in the last bit of art for the new issue of Worms (it was the cover, so kind of integral for printing).  So I might be able to get those printed out tonight.

Working on the list for the first leg of the Vlor MySpace campaign, basically contacting fans of the twelve folks that are members this time out.  Gathered the numbers & I’m weeding out to the ones worth contacting.

Made an ad for Aarktica for on MySpace.  We’ll see if it generates any interest.  The Vlor one ended up costing about $4 so even if it didn’t actually generate any interest, it’s money better spent than sending out a promo package to a record store that just sells the discs as used without listening to them.

So the problem with going to sites of ill-repute that are illegally distributing music in attempts to get the files removed, is you could end up with some annoying little virus.  So I got my third or fourth virus in my fifteen years on the internet.  Seriously, what the hell are people doing to get those things?

Talked to Ben Collins who’s in charge of the Silber Christmas comp & he says things seem to be falling together at the last second, which is how things generally seem to roll on the comps that actually end up coming out.

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