Promo, Built, Butterfly Effect, Rising Sun

Tomorrow I’ll finish up the MySpace promo for Irata.  Started working on a promo campaign for contacting folks that are friends with at least three Silber bands.  After that campaign, I think my MySpace promotions campaign may be set to rest in peace.  Though I do hear that MySpace is supposed to be having some major changes in the next month to try to get them back on top of the social networking game.  Who knows what will happen.  Personally I’m beginning to think Prince is right, “the internet is over.”

Assembled the first batch of the new mini-comic Built #1.  Still have to proof it before doing a complete run.

Did some mild adjustments on the Silber website for the “about” & “faq” pages.

I watched Butterfly Effect 2 today (I actually like the first one a lot & found the third one interesting as well), clearly the worst of the set.  I also watched an alternate ending for the first Butterfly Effect where the main character strangles himself in his umbilical cord to prevent his life & they reveal he was a fifth stillbirth for his mother.  Dark ending even by my standards.

Did a little work towards my jazz/lounge project.  Still need to figure out a name as evidently “Jazzuz” is already taken.  I was thinking of “Jazzuz Gaius” as a possibility.  Who knows if I’ll ever complete it anyway….

Last Night’s Dream:
A static image.  A black & white Japanese Rising Sun war flag.  This one I really don’t understand the meaning of….

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