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So as some of you may have noticed, the price of shipping internationally went up a bit recently.  A single CD went up from $3.70 to $4.33 going to Europe.  Which makes me wonder about raising the international price from $14 up to $15.  On $14 I get $13.15 after transaction fees, then a quarter for the mailer, which brings it down to $8.57; but I have to mail it from the post office (because of the customs forms) & calculating in the mile fee is $3 so I’m down to $5.57.  & the cost of a disc (with manufacturing & promo) is about $3-$4.  So that leaves an extra buck for Silber & a buck for the band.  I don’t know.  I think $15 is reasonable for an internationally shipped disc, but when I go to friends websites it seems like everybody is selling CDs super cheap these days ($10 plus shipping, which I guess would end up $15?), which is funny because I used to be lower priced than most folks….

I think I might have finally finished the Azalia Snail press kit.  I sent it off to her to review.  The version on the website has just been so that it isn’t a dead link.  I also assembled a couple hundred of the discs today.  I still need to print out barcodes & solicit the distros & set the official release date & blah-blah-blah.

I went over my set list for the Remora show in Myrtle Beach this Friday.  Three of the songs I’ve only played once before.  In the old days I would practice for four hours, but these days thirty minutes seems like it will have to do.

I filled out a form to get the video version of Lost Kisses shown at this thing for the local arts council (pre-accepted because it was financed by them).  We’ll see what happens.

I started writing down a new XO script (even though Melissa still has a script she’s working on) since there are three plots me & Melissa got put together over the phone a couple weeks ago.  Also because I was writing Dave Sim a letter & we are discussing who you do your work/art for & I realized I’m totally comfortable with the idea of just writing scripts & never going through the headaches of finding someone to draw them & then needing to do the layout & assembly & promotion.  I’ve completed almost as much (if not exactly as much) if I write 100 scripts & make zero comics as if I actually make the 100 comics.  Because someone else can scan in the art & assemble it.  The only thing that I might do better than anyone else is tell my stories.  I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about the posthumous legacy lately.  I’m like George Bush & The Velvet Underground, the ages will judge me kindly (that’s a joke) & I’ll be dead much longer than I was alive.

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