physical & digital

I got out all the physical promos of the new mini-comics.  So today I started working on the digital promo versions.  I have the PDFs done & am now working on the CBZ versions.  I need to decide at a certain point if I want to make the digital versions readily available either for free or for money.  I suppose if they all are eventually going to be MySpace avatars they should be free with the idea that eventually the “popularity” will generate other revenue (e.g. selling t-shirts (which I still need to make) or the eventual sale for film licensing).  I guess with the tiny amount made from sales (about $0.30 per issue if I assume my time is of no value) giving them away might make the most sense anyway.

I think the Vlor is done sonically.  Having a couple folks listen to it to make sure.  I really need to start working on the art.

Trying to help get some voids filled on the PD Wilder/Sarah June tour, feels like a hard sell at this point because the dates are less than a month out.


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