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Okay, I’ll start off with the paintings from the last couple of days:

Laid out Vigilant for print.  Still need to print it & make a webpage for it & all that.

Jason Young called me out today on not having gotten anywhere near the thirty comic goal I had for the year.  Maybe next year?  I do need to get cracking on writing more stories.

Spent a long time today working on my interview about running Silber for QRD.  It’s really incredible that anyone answered all the questions.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’ve just moved in with one of my ex-girlfriends (who I suppose is now my current girlfriend) & something has happened where my family calls & & my parents & all of my brothers & sisters & their families need to movie in with us tonight.  There’s a ten year old girl in the house that isn’t my daughter, but everyone thinks is.  For breakfast she has milk & Teddy Grahams (do they still make those things).  I take her out to the bus stop & on the way there we are attacked by an emu.  I know the house is in the country, but what the heck is an emu doing here?  We manage to out maneuver it & I get her on the bus.  I get back in the house & my brother is making pancakes.  I look around for my girlfriend & find her on the phone while surfing the internet.  She looks at me & tells me she just got fired & I’m thinking to myself, “I didn’t even know she worked.” & she’s starting to cry & says, “We’re going to lose all of this!”  “No we won’t, it’ll be okay.”  “What are you talking about?  My job is staying in this house & taking care of that little girl!”

My whole family is at a Cracker Barrel.  My Grandmother is making some kind of announcement about something & they kick us out.  Outside we are all riding in a bus, but to get into it I need to climb up a sign & go through a window.  As I’m doing this someone in the distance is playing a Sigue Sigue Sputnik song.

My mom finds me a job I can do at home over the internet, but it only pays $4 an hour.

I’m at a funeral & it’s open casket, but the casket is empty.  It looks warm & inviting, so I climb in.

I’m in bed holding my girlfriend as she sleeps.  I start rubbing her belly & it’s soft & furry.  It takes me a few minutes to realize the cat is pressed up against her.

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