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I spent a lot of today scanning in some of my paintings to make into comics.  I still need to figure out exactly how I want to do them.  They are currently done as collections of nine paintings with loose stories which doesn’t jive too well for a comic as the number isn’t divisible by four & might be too short to have just one in an issue.  So I might collect four of them together for an issue.

I looked through my webstats & the blog has now passed the front page & QRD as the number one destination on the site.  So I guess I’m doing something right on this thing?

I started sending out the messages to MySpace friends so they can find this blog if they’re interested.  We’ll see if it boosts any interest (or more importantly sales).

So I assume a lot of you ended up seeing The Black Eyed Peas playing at the Super Bowl.  I’m always confused when artists at that level of fame & on that big of stage can have amateur technical problems.  I mean, if you’re volume control on your singing sucks because you can’t keep the mic the proper distance from your mouth, just put the vocals on the tape with the music & lip sync.  I always like to think there’s a chasm in quality of performance between me & someone playing an arena & it should be in the favor of the people with a million dollars behind them.  Or maybe it means it’s time for me to start playing arenas?

I finished up the SPACE Anthology stuff & got it off to Bob Corby.  I’ll send you the link to read it as soon as he puts it up.  Things are starting to creep up on that coming.  Still trying to find out if any of my comic partners are going to be at the show or if I’m manning the table by myself again this year.  Makes a slight difference for how I’ll set up the table.  I’m planning to make some little display things to make the comics higher in the air & have some stuff in color & maybe some video playing (the three things that attract people’s attention).

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2 Responses to Painted Comics, Blog #1, Super Bowl Show, SPACE Anthology

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    one of the women in that band pissed herself on stage once, i’m guessing you’re expecting too much from them.

    • I thought the only girl in that band was the one from Kids Incorporated? Maybe she had an excuse like she was huffing freon or something, because I’ve seen that make a girl pee her pants before. Didn’t you have a singer pee in the van a little while ago? Maybe it’s a common problem amongst lady singers?