Pagemaker & A Dream

I really don’t understand what is up with my Pagemaker software exporting PDFs.  It worked for making three today, then it started issuing errors.  Sometimes I reboot my computer & it works, sometimes I reboot it & it doesn’t work.  So it’s been frustrating.  I know the solution is switching over to InDesign.

Doing some work on another wave of promo of the new releases.  We’ll see if it generates any extra reviews or orders or anything.

Last Night’s Dream:
There’s a blond woman in black underwear (I think it might be Bonnie Tyler) on the back of winged white horse on the beach with the waves lapping on the horses feet.  It’s for a music video for Remora.  I go out to stand by the horse & it attacks me & I swim deep out into the ocean trying to avoid getting my head bashed in by one of its hooves.  The sun is setting & in the darkness whether the sky or sea or land is meant to be my final home for the night seems confusing.  Eventually through no power of my own I make it to the shore.  I’m wandering soaking wet on the streets of this city that I don’t know & I’m hungry.  I start looking for a mexican restaurant that will be low class enough to let me eat in it as my clothes dry.

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