Nostalgia Equals Distortion – Skittles

I first had Skittles in the late 1980s.  My mom had bought them as Halloween candy & we never had enough trick-or-treaters to run out of candy, so me & my siblings got the leftovers.  A year or two later Skittles became a major food source for me as I invested the money my folks gave me for lunch on drugs & had a mini-pack of skittles for lunch every day.  Maybe because of that association I haven’t had Skittles in my past relatively sober 15 years.
Recently I’ve been going through some emotional trauma that’s made me have trouble eating & I’ve gone from athletically thin to anorexically thin, so I thought candy might be a good idea to increase my caloric intake & Skittles came to mind.  The sweet fruit tastes are familiar & comforting.  Even the grape tastes better than I remembered.  If it doesn’t taste like a rainbow, it at least tastes like a time when rainbows were still magic & represented hope.

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