New Work? I ain’t done with the old work!

So I got picked up (at least on a trial basis) by a couple more distros.  Which means a lot of paperwork both to set them up in my system & give them everything they need for Silber to be set-up in theirs.  I feel like I’m just a few days behind, but will I ever catch up?

Things I still need to do in the near future:
Ship a bunch of orders
Answer emails
Finish Radio Request page
Finish cover & press release for Remora’s Ensoulment
Master remaining Panthan tracks
Master Northern Valentine’s Stars Whisper internet ep
Mix & master Small Life Form’s Alive internet ep
Design artwork for the new Silber Christmas comp (& name it for that matter)
Record Remora’s Hurtless album
Finalize track order for Vlor’s six-winged
Write songs for The Call of…
Design ads for the new releases

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