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I haven’t been blogging much lately. Trying to get actual work done instead. For example the new Slicnaton & the new Feel No Other are both up to purchase or stream on the Silber site.

I have also been working on putting some of the free releases on Spotify & iTunes. I just got my check with the 2013 earnings from those & while it is 50% less than 2012, it’s still a couple hundred bucks that Silber wouldn’t have otherwise.

I got in the art for Pow Wow #3 & it will be debuting at SMUDGE this weekend. It’s a comic convention in DC. We’ll see how things go. I really haven’t gotten myself as prepared for this convention as I normally do. I guess I’ve gotten a bit more realistic about sales & don’t feel the need to assemble $1000 worth of merch when I have never broken $400.

I also have been working on the QRD guitarist ebook. It’s going to end up being 2300+ pages. Totally ridiculous. My plan is to get it up on Amazon as soon as it’s ready & ask people to review it on Amazon when they are getting their copies from me. I’m hoping this has some backend earnings through Amazon down the road. Because even though it made it’s funding goal, it’s hard to say that something that made around a dollar per hour of work is truly successful. I guess the same thing can be said for Silber generally. I am trying to be upbeat about things, but sometimes life feels like it’s been trying to break me down.

For the curious, here’s the Silber February charts.

Most Downloaded Albums
If Thousands – For
Electric Bird Noise – Kind of Black
Rllrbll – 4 Corners
Electric Bird Noise – Desert Jelly
Sarah June – Beneath Black Robes

Most Read About Albums
Electric Bird Noise – Kind of Black
Rllrbll – 4 Corners
If Thousands – For
The Wet Teens – Let It Pee
Dead Leaves Rising – Shadow Complex

Most Downloaded Comics
Lost Kisses #26
Come Home Safe #2
Lost Kisses #24
Walrus #1
Ultimate Lost Kisses #11

Most Read QRD Articles
Author interview with Erin O’Brien
Guitarist interview with Jason Hendrix
Guitarist interview with Agata of Melt-Banana
Guitarist interview with Alan Sparhawk of Low
Bass Player interview with Jill Palumbo of The Torches

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