MySpace on the Rise?

Is MySpace having a resurgence?  I’ve noticed an increased amount of porn stars (or whatever you want to call them) contacting me lately & it’s my understanding the porn industry always knows what’s up.

Spent a few hours going through nominees for music blog of the year lists looking for new folks to contact for promo.

I just saw an interview with Jared Leto about his band who evidently sell millions of units.  I’ve been confused for a while by bands selling that many units & being that established & I’ve never heard of them.  It used to seem like for a band to be a million seller their presence was really invasive & I’d know about them.  Now I can’t tell if a band sells thousand units or a million units, am I just that out of touch or is there some kinda leveling of the playing field in fame but not in sales over the past 15 years?

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