Myrtle Beach, QRD, Long Days

My Myrtle Beach trip & Remora show was a lot of fun.  Irata was pretty awesome as a three piece.  I got some pretty good video of Electric Bird Noise.  Rode a 20 story ferris wheel after a half dozen tequila shots.  Swam in the ocean a couple hours.  Good times.

I got up the Father’s Day Special of QRD.  I’ve been pushing QRD for a year as an experiment to raise visibility, traffic, & revenue & it looks like the experiment maybe failed.  So after I get the three issues up that I’ve got the files for already, things might go back to the intermittent schedule of an issue or two per year.  I don’t know.  I guess I just have to play it by ear with how I feel & what my priorities are.  But the bottom-line is it seems the 200 interviews generated $50 in revenue in somewhere near 200 hours of work on my end.  Maybe long-tail they will generate more revenue, but I was really hoping to get around $1000 for it all.  I feel like I offer a way better deal than any other webzine for advertising with the permanent ad placement thing & a price of $10, but I contacted around 1000 potential advertisers (including labels featured in the magazine) to only get 4 advertisers.  Of course when I go to other music webzines it seems like the advertisers are all kickback deals from cell phone companies or iTunes or Honda.  So whatever.  One day maybe I’ll figure out a way to make money on QRD, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I’m thinking about trying selling digital versions of it as PDFs on Amazon or something & see if anything happens.

I worked on Lost Kisses #22 a bit today.  I think about 1/3 of it drawn.  Of course I always do the easiest panels first….

It’s been a long day trying to catch up on things from being out of town for a few days.  I guess that’s normal.

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