Interviews with Jamie Barnes & If Thousands plus other stuff

Check out the Exposed Radio Podcast #10 has an indepth interview with Jamie Barnes, covering everything from his studio equipment to his influences to the terror that is frogs.  Plus, his new song, “Patient Lover Be.”

If Thousands have a new interview up at Grave Concerns.

Remora is on tour March 1-10.  Updated info is available on our calendar page.  Come out & hear new songs & old hits & say hello.

Please rate Lost Kisses for IFC’s Medialab so we can get it on TV.

The Goddakk debut Monument to a Ruined Age has been sent for manufacturing, we’ll be taking pre-orders soon.

There are a number of live shows upcoming for some Silber artists including Remora & Rivulets who will both be on tour in March.  Updated info is always available on our calendar page.

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