More Talk, Less Work

Going to the 919Noise show tonight, so I figured I’d blog a little early.

It seems like everyone I know in the music industry is calling for conversations about trying to get the business models going.  Today I was talking to Shane of North Pole Records about the new Rollerball that he’s putting out.  I feel kinda weird having that conversation because if I knew how to market Rollerball as a financially viable release I probably would still be putting out their albums.  There’s nothing that makes you feel worse than taking an established band & not doing as well as their previous label.

The mood rings (literal rings) finally came in today.  So some of the domestic radio folks will be getting some.  Not sure who all else.

Prepped the artwork for Marked so I can do the layout for printing it in a day or two.

Oh, the Aarktica & Vlor CDs came into the house, so now I have more work I need to do even though I haven’t finished the last batch yet.  Maybe one day I’ll be wishing for work….

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