More Positivity

So I finished going through proofing Suborrhea & sent it to a friend for proofing.  So I’ll make it available for sale soonish.  I think I’m going to re-tool the website a bit to have the ebooks have a sales page of their own & a link on the banner.

Yesterday while I was working on Suborrhea I was listening to music from the Silber catalog & it got me back on board with feeling like I’m doing good & positive work.  There’s been a couple other positive things happening on the Silber front this week, so maybe I’ll start some work towards getting some things to happen for Silber in September & October.  Or at least put out the stuff that I turned down exclusively over the hiatus & start another set of interviews for QRD.

I got in the art from Nate McDonough for Ultimate Lost Kisses #14.  Pretty stoked about it.  But of course it can’t come out until I get the art in from Jason Young for ULK #13.  So it’s cool that those will both be coming out soonish.

I’m working on making all the buttons from the Kickstarter artist buttons project.  I feel like it wasn’t super successful, but I earned each of the contributing artists $25.  Maybe I’ll do it again with special themed ones planned for Christmas or something.

So I have been playing guitar a bit more.  I’m getting to feel a bit better about that maybe right now I’m supposed to be working on the doomy dronescapes instead of my post-apocalyptic-pop songs for Remora.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m in a parking lot meeting for a plan about the resistance force against the totalitarian government.  Along with my usual contact, scheduled to meet is Breetai & I’m convinced he & his alien forces will be able to really help things.  When he shows up, instead of being ten stories tall, he’s the size of a doll.  I ask him, “How do you think you can help us?  You’re the one who’s a micronian!”

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