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Bam! I made another optical theremin today.  Even did some modifications on the design to fit my needs.  Pretty stoked right now about things.  I’ll go buy some more parts tomorrow to make some more.

Transcribed 6 of the 10 songs from the Remora demos that I’m supposed to focus on recording.  Practiced them a little too.  I looked up the lyrics to the song I have that I have occasionally played live over the year that I consider a Kreator rip off & realized it really is not too close to it.  Two half lines in common with a different vocal melody & different guitar riff I suppose qualifies as an original song.  I might try to transcribe some of the other songs that I already wrote guitar parts for, finding the melodies in my head from the others & transcribing those is a much harder task for me than it should be.  I miss having some one conveniently available to sing a melody line to that can spout back, “Those are these six notes!”  I know supposedly there is software that can do this, but whenever I’ve tried it, it hasn’t worked out, so if anyone has tried one that does work, let me know about it.

Got some more done towards the MySpace promo for the new releases.  It’s a 50 day or so project & I keep forgetting to work on it.  I do have to admit MySpace does seem a bit on the wane lately in activity.  Not many new friends or messages this month.

Last Night’s Dream
McKenzie Phillips pours me a tumbler of brandy.  She has her brandy in one of those fancy shot glasses that looks like a wine glass.  After she finishes hers she keeps taking sips off of mine, but she wipes it before & after each sip like a chalice at a church communion service.

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