Mixes, QRD Possibility, Leaving Las Vegas, James Ellroy

A lot of weird & wacky things going on in my “regular life” lately that have been throwing my Silber work out of wack, but I am trying to put things back on track.  I wish I didn’t have to post a message like this once a month.

A lot of work done recently on my own music.  Got a new rough mix of my long form piece (not sure whether it will be released as Remora, Small Life Form, or Brian John Mitchell).  It was long enough that I couldn’t make an uncompressed mix of the file.  Maybe on a more powerful machine?

Sent a critical analysis of the mixes on the new Remora to Brian McKenzie.  Right now it’s sitting at around 49 minutes.  So it may suddenly be out sooner rather than later.

Did a construction style remix for a Sarah June song (sampled out an individual line & an individual riff from “The Reaper” & added some of primitive drum machine sounds).  I kinda like doing things that way because I can take a long song & get my ideas about it out in a third of the time of the actual song.

I got an email from one of my heroes about a possible interview in QRD.  I won’t mention who it is until I have the interview proofed in my hard drive, but I’m pretty excited about it.  Probably more so than any interview in the past ten years.

Re-saw Leaving Las Vegas (the movie).  It wasn’t quite as good as I remembered in my mind & just made me want to read the book again.  I think a lot of what makes that book good has nothing to do with plot or character, but sentence structure & word choice & those don’t translate so much in a film.

I just heard a quote from James Ellroy (not sure if it’s original), “I’d like to meet the guy who invented sex & see what he’s up to now.”

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