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Wrote up the press sheet for the new mini-comics & got a few packaged up & ready to go.  Still have to assemble a bunch of mini-comics & make the packets as well.

Actually did some recording today.  A couple of ideas for the next Vlor & working on my super secret piece with all the low end that makes me want to throw up.  I don’t know yet what that piece of music will be released under.  Could be Remora or Small Life Form or maybe even under Brian John Mitchell.

Emailed with Nick Marino & it seems like we’re going to go “Marvel Style” on Extreme Lost Kisses & I’m going to write in the thought bubble gags after it’s all drawn in.

Did some research for promoting the Sarah June, PD Wilder, Carta gig in a couple weeks.  We’ll see what happens on that.  If the success of the last SFO gig I promoted from across the country had anything to do with me or not remains to be confirmed.

In my room I have one of those light fixtures that has three light bulbs.  I have two of them with the compact florescent bulbs & I put a black light in as the third bulb & the result is something way more natural & pleasant than three florescents.

My prediction is for little accomplished by me in the next couple days worth blogging about, but I could be wrong….

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