Mecha, QRD, Sarah June, New Compilation

I sent out Remora: Mecha for manufacturing this morning (which also means I got the disc face art done).  It’s going to be a limited run thing.  We’ll see what happens.  It seems like I might be able to make back the money for it.  I still need to do some of the stuff for the packaging on it.  It’s in a metal tin & comes with a mini-comic & special booklet.  I also need to make a version for the radio promos that will be in a jewel case.

Assembled a bunch of mini-comics today.

More research on QRD advertisers.  I need way more interns sometimes.  Anyone want to look for the contact info for a hundred labels?

Also anyone interested in trying to do some research to find indie comic shops to stock my mini-comics?

Talked to Sarah June a bit today about her doing an EP for our free series.  Hopefully it’ll happen around the time of the launch for the Irata, Remora, Lotte Kestner, & Wet Teens releases.  Have I mentioned those should all be available in about four weeks?

Ben Collins is going to be taking charge of another Silber compilation.  It’s funny because even having completed the Silber intern program he still is thinking about starting a label of his own.  When he does I’m sure he’ll be so much more on top of the game than pretty much any micro-label.  I like that I get to do compilations now with less stress & headaches since he gathers all the tracks.  I just ask him if he thinks a comp idea would be cool & if he says yes I send him a list of contacts & then a couple months later he gives me the tracks to master & the finished artwork.  Of course I guess it does turn off a little of the “Silber is Brian’s family” vibe.

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