Max Ernst, Pow Wow, Rough Day, Silbeer

So I reviewed one Max Ernst’s proto-graphic novels over on Finally Checking It Out.  I may be less sure than ever about what makes a comic after reading it.

I got an artist interested in drawing my new comic Pow Wow.  I’ll wait until it’s done to make too big of a deal over it as I know things can fail to come to fruition.

I had a particularly rough day taking care of my Grandma today.  She didn’t know who I was even conceptually.  I need to take notes & see if it happens according to the phase of the moon as I know the moon is more or less full.

I tried out my nutmeg mead & it has an overwhelming flavor like jager or something & I don’t think I’m hallucinating, so this is a one off batch as far as I’m concerned.


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