Mastering in a coalmine

So I guess I should go ahead & mention the “big news” to start some buzz.  I’ve been talking to Jon DeRosa a bit lately & it looks like he’s going to be putting out a new Aarktica record in the style of No Solace in Sleep this summer right here on Silber.  More news on that over the next few months of course.

Working on mastering all the stuff for the MP3 series.  I need to just get it done, I feel like I’m spending more time complaining about it than it would actually take to do it.

I’m kinda looking around for a reverb pedal to replace my Alesis Nanoverb.  I’m pretty happy with the wash I get with it on the plate settings turned up to 75%, but I’m not too happy with the lack of a bypass switch (as I’m essentially using it as a pedal) or that it seems to really be quiet coming out even with the volume turned up all the way or that it uses a proprietary power supply that can’t be easily replaced with something I can plug into a wall in Europe.  Any suggestions?

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