Mastering 30 Seconds of Time, Still Working on QRD

Getting some work done towards mastering the new comp (30 Seconds of Time).  Think I’ll have something to test levels to each other by the end of the night.  Always interesting the variances in volume from one piece to the next & trying to balance the getting the volumes to sound good on a comp together versus should it sound exactly like what was delivered to me.  44 tracks on this in the end.

Did some more work on upgrading the back issues of QRD.  I’m around issue 26 & I think I got 180 more articles to fix.  Trying to do 10 a day.  Slow & steady.

For some reason a bunch of movie channels are free right now.  Pineapple Express was as fun as I’d hoped.  Surrogates seems borderline unwatchable.

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