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More coming to fruition today than in a long time.

First off, let me introduce you to Magi.  A new project of doomgazing instrumental music from Brandon Helms (From Oceans to Autumn) that musically is somewhere between Tribes of Neurot & Neil Young’s Dead Man SoundtrackHere’s their free EP December.

Remora’s My Brother’s Guns & Knives remix EP is up.  I’m really happy with how different all the tracks are from each other as I was scared listening to a bunch of versions of one song would test patience.

I just got in this video for the Remora’s “12 String Guitar Song.”

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m back in high school because I never actually graduated twenty years ago.  Trying to listen to teachers as an adult is just impossible so I just leave the english class & go & sit by myself in an empty wood shop.

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4 Responses to Magi, Remora, Videos, Free Stuff, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    I’m watching your video without sound and i feel like i’m watching a NIN video on 120 Minutes.

  2. letsDrone says:

    It reminds me of some Stan Brakhage’s video. Nice video, btw.

  3. I’m glad you dig the video. It’s nice to have someone make a video without me soliciting for it. It’s weird to hear that song for me as I haven’t listened to the recording of it in probably five years or more & that it’s still important to someone is interesting.