Louisvillle, Dayton, & Dreams

Back in Dayton after spending a few days in Louisville with Arlo & Kelsey & Jamie Barnes as well as appearing at Derby City Comic Con hosted by Chuck Moore of Comic Related.  I’d had a vague hope for doing something musical with Jamie when I was up there, but it didn’t happen.  It’s really hard to make music happen without time really blocked out for it & things planned for it when there’s probably less than ten hours of downtime in a trip.  In the end a big chunk of that downtime was spent doing mexican candy reviews with Kelsey (will there be a future QRD or will they appear in the blog?  Hard to say…).  Going to the church service where Jamie plays & sings was really cool & I really wish I had the guts to make my music work in such a setting.  The convention was fun & an interesting mix of clearance priced comics, crafty steampunk stuff, prints, art suppliers, celebrity creators, & folks like me.  It was super cool to see it all under one roof.  Thanks to doing custom buttons with kids I made enough money to pay for my table.  I need to think about just getting a little kiosk at a mall or something making buttons like that all day.  We’ll see what happens in the future.

I’m back in Dayton now, last night I guest starred on an episode of the podcast Gutter Trash & it’ll go up in a couple days.

Recent Dreams:
I’m running for the first time in eight years.  I can feel my muscles working.  My body getting both tired & stronger.  I can’t tell if I am going to collapse or explode.  It feels good.  This should be part of who I am.

Jessica Bailiff is staying at my childhood home.  I get home after working third shift & she gets up to have breakfast with me.  She tells me her obsession with the table top game Car Wars has cost her almost all her friendships & relationships & I tell her we should play Thunder Road some time as it’s a much simpler version of the game.

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