Lots is up

So I know I haven’t been doing blog entries lately.  I’m not really sure why.  There’s been a lot going on.

First off a couple weeks ago the Kaiju Temple comp came out.  Its a soundtrack to Joe Badon’s Terra Kaiju comic which is included with the download.

Been doing a lot of work towards the upcoming QRD which is going to be over 20 interviews with cartoonists & musicians about balance art & fatherhood.  In related news I’m running a Kickstarter to collect all the Father’s Day interviews as an ebook.  Spread the word about it if you can.  I guess I’ll need to start spreading the word about it sometime in the next few weeks.

Working on booklets & press releases for some of the upcoming releases including What Does the Scanner See, Philip Polk Palmer, The Infant Cycle, & M is We.  Getting teady to send out stuff to the usual Silber suspects about some compilations coming out in September.  It’s busy.  But it’s good.

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