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Got the art & press release done for the long drone piece.  Now I’m just waiting to upload it & such.  Even as an MP3 it’s half a gig, so it takes a while to upload.

The new QRD is done.  16 interviews with indie comic creators.

I got in a video from Jason Young of him working on drawing his Bottle Comic.

Here’s a stripped down video Sarah June just did of “Til You Hit the Pavement.”

While I was working on stuff today I had on Johnny Mnemonic.  Here’s the review on FCIO.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m hanging out with a friend of mine somewhere out in the country by a little shack of a store that sells alcohol, fireworks, & cigarettes.  There’s about a dozen other folks just hanging out drinking around the store & I guess this is all there is to do in this town at 4 in the afternoon.  We’re both pretty drunk & my buddy starts talking to this one girl mistaking her for his sister.  I have to grab him by the arm & pull him away saying, “Dude, she’s not your sister.”

I’m with Jason Young in a warehouse that’s been converted to some weird versus bowling alley.  The lanes are curved to meet in a corner with the floors of them beveling with the curve.  I can’t understand exactly how the scoring works.

I’m hanging out with my son Andrew backstage somewhere & he hands me his phone saying, “Listen to this!”  It’s some conspiracy nut trying to sell his book.  I say to him, “Oh, this is just Coast to Coast, don’t you ever listen to AM radio?”

I’m on an observation deck watching planes land at the airport where I used to work.  I see this huge plane land flying the colors of the company I used to be contracted out to work for.  I hear one of the other people on the deck call it a 465.  I can’t imagine trying to work the plane with the staff & equipment we had.  No wonder we lost the contract.

I’m at church & I fall over on my side having a seizure chanting, “He’s not here! He’s not here! He’s not here!” over & over again.

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