Interview, Kickstarter, White on White

So I think I mentioned that I did a little interview about my comics a week or so ago.  Here’s the link to it.

I’m getting pretty frustrated with my Bottle Comic Kickstarter.  I logged on today & three backers had left the project along with about $100.  Pretty disconcerting.  I thought this was going to be a $2000 money maker like my last Kickstarter, but I guess it isn’t.  Oh, I also think it’s worth noting the project has 78 “likes” but only 28 backers.  It makes me ready to give up on the hope of success with Kickstarter as a way to really make my art break through.  I thought I was going to get maybe 80 of the 85 backers of the last project returning & then  new folks as well.  My personal goal was 100 backers.  At 28 & less than three weeks to go, I just don’t think it is going to happen.  Much less my goals to get enough money to finance custom bottle openers & t-shirts.  I mean, I’m still happy that I got enough funding to make the project happen & hopefully there won’t be enough people backing out to prevent that, but it sucks that I might not be able to give the artists $100 each for drawing the things.  We’ll see what happens over the next couple of weeks I guess.

I stumbled across this interesting random generation movie.  They give a computer a collection of audio & video clips to randomly generate a film.  Kind of cool. It’s called “White on White”.

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