If I write enough, it seems like something was accomplished.

I wrote what may be more than half of the first draft of Lost Kisses #11.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly how my planned story arc of ten issues is going to work.  I’m not sure if I’ve publicly announced it before, but I plan for the next ten Lost Kisses to have a female lead character.  I think I might do it that each issue just has a title like “Her: Age 34″ & is a story/character study about that year of her life.  We’ll see how it works out.  The first issue is about being contacted by the son you gave up for adoption, but a little more tragic than the experience people associate me with.

I put back together me effects pedal board today.  I realized that the main source of noise in my effects chain is my Lexicon MXP unit, which seems strange as it does say Lexicon on it & I have a lot of respect for them as a company.  I need to look into if it’s because of not using a ground (which generally eliminates noise in older houses) or if it’s from being beat up on a bunch of tours (I think the only pieces of equipment that have made it on more tours are my Schecter guitar, a Boss octave pedal (that I’ve been wanting to replace), & a Boss tuning pedal (which some people tell me costs me some tone, but I think it seems fine)).  I think I have an old Ibanez Noise Buster pedal that is basically a notch EQ that’s controlled with one knob & might fix the problem, but I might have given the thing away as my first attempts to find it have had no results.  So if I did give it to anybody that’s reading this & they don’t use it anymore, give me a shout.

I’ve been thinking that if someone can help me, I’d like to put RSS on essentially all of the Silber pages so that if someone wants to only know about one band they can subscribe to that band’s page.  Or just when there are new Silber Releases, the Silber front page.  Also moving the blog to the Silber page as some people seem to be abandoning MySpace.

Did some paperwork for the month of July & though the website traffic & also direct sales have had a pretty terrific decline lately, sales of CDs to distributors & through third party download folks seem to be holding steady.

I just listened to the new Aarktica album.  It is pretty awesome.  Might be sending it out to manufacturing as early as this week.

So I’ve been doing a Remora derivative piece based on the 8 Mile theme by Eminem & it seems like the “hit” from everyone who has heard it.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  I guess I’ll just take it as a compliment.

I found a place for making ringtones & so in the next couple of weeks it should be happening.  It does it where you just send a text message to get the download & I don’t need to administrate anything.  Still debating if I should make it a pay service or not.  I’m thinking something where the ringtones are free to the first hundred users or something & then they’re $1 or whatever.

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