Getting some thing going.

Did some more leg work finding some review outlets for the Lost Kisses DVD.  I also sent one to a friend in Europe to make sure it plays properly over there.  It’s the kind of thing I need to know before selling it.

Filled a few orders & got a couple checks in.

I got another place wanting to pick up my mini-comics for distro.  But here’s the thing, I need to figure out a display for the shop.  Anyone have ideas for that with my minis?

I spent a couple hours trying to figure out the problem I had of a weird high pitched noise in my rig & I found it.  I use some of those universal power supplies with daisy chains on them to power my pedals & basically they aren’t strong enough to power my new rig.  They are strong enough to keep the electricity on, but when I turn on a couple pedals they start to be sapped out & create the noise.  So I need to just slightly alter my set up to fit another power supply onto my six-strip & then I should be good.  I have to say it is kinda lame that the multi-power thing can only power three pedals, but I do know that three of my pedals essentially can’t be used with batteries because they eat them so fast, which makes this problem make a little more sense – the power-all things can only fuel one of them at a time.

I was recently told that some MP3s I batch encoded with iTunes have distortions in them.  I guess I need to look for another batch encoder.

I found a snare drum (like I asked for yesterday) on eBay for $15 including shipping.  Just hoping that I actually get the item as that’s a pretty good deal.

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