Getting Ready, the Internet is Forever, NYCC, Dreams

Just spent the day getting ready for the festival up in Lansing tomorrow.  Printing some comics up, checking if the audio equipment is working, packing the car.  I’ll report back on it all Sunday when I get back.

I got an odd email today.  More or less a fan letter from a middle school teacher who was using an old page of QRD with zombie links for a resource for kids in her class suggesting two links be added.  I made the page in 2000 or so, strange how the internet can last forever.

Any of you going to the New York Comic Con, my friend & occasional collaborator Nick Marino is there at Table D15 in Artist Alley.

Last Night’s Dream:
On tour with Hotel Hotel & we’re trying to cut the budget by spending less money on food, so we’re saving some of the band beers from the previous night to drink for breakfast as an energy source.  Just like when I was 23 & tried to run my body on a steady diet of tequilla & pretended it was rocket fuel.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready, the Internet is Forever, NYCC, Dreams

  1. Nick Marino says:

    I did a ton of Silber promotion at NYCC!