Free Release from Hotel Hotel

In a couple days we should have up the new Lost Kisses & in a couple weeks the new XO will be ready as well.  In other comic news we were in the Strangers with Comics podcast (the one that mentions Grandtheft Auto in the blurb).

Hotel, Hotel - under sea, over storm Hotel Hotel – under sea, over storm
MP3 EP 2008 | Silber 067
6 tracks, 37 minutes
free download pageWhile we’re anticipating the release of their new album The Sad Sea on Silber shortly, I figured we’d introduce them to the rest of you with this live performance.  Recorded on October 20, 2005 at J&J’s in Denton, Texas with a line-up of P.D. Wilder (guitar), Justin Lemons (guitar), Patrick Patterson (violin), Francesca Riedle (violin), & Evan Caverninha (drums); Under Sea, Over Storm captures the band early on showing the atmospheric post rock they’ve been perfecting over the years.  One flowing piece divided into several song ideas, themes, & improvisations; this gives you an idea not only of their live show, but what to look forward to on their upcoming studio recordings as well.

: Press release

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