Free EP from Clang Quartet, Azalia Snail video, & a ton of other stuff

So this weekend is the 14th anniversary of Clang Quartet, so how do we commemorate it?  A new free EP called Ava.  Listen or download from CQ’s page here on Silber.

The Clang Quartet/Remora/etcetera show went pretty well.  I did record the sets & maybe I’ll listen to them & post them or maybe they’ll be lost in my live music recording collection.

Here’s a video for Azalia Snail‘s song “Space Heater” that will be on Celestial Respect when it comes out in a couple months.

There’s a new post on Nostalgia Equals Distortion from Martin Newman (Goddakk) about the Lush album Split.

I just wrote up a little review of the movie The Road on Finally Checking It Out.

Our good friend Chrissy Kotsopoulos (SAVAS) did a little cooking segment on making veggie burgers I thought some of you might get a kick out of.

I had a dream last night I wanted to write down here, but I’m too tired to do it now….

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