Finally Checking It Out, Short Runs

I posted up a couple reviews on Finally Checking It Out of a couple proto-graphic novels by Lynd Ward & the ultra-early graphic novel It Rhymes with Lust.  I saw Event Horizon while I was working on some things & I felt I needed to pay more attention to actually review it, but I must say I don’t get why people liked it so much.  I think Ghost Ship is a better version of the story.

So those of you following the other post with a bunch of comments on it know there is some talk of doing ultra-short runs of discs that would otherwise be digital only.  I’m curious what people would want as far as packaging & disc art go.  I mean, should it be an object that is fairly clearly home made or something more like print-on-demand CDs?  I have been thinking of doing something where it would have the letterpress style cases but then have different laser print covers pasted on them or something.  Any thoughts?  & then the disc face I was thinking of making stamps if I can find the write kind of ink to just stamp on the discs, anyone know what kind of ink to buy for that?

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13 Responses to Finally Checking It Out, Short Runs

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    did you see Sunshine, which is basically the same type of movie?

  2. Nic says:

    I like the letterpress style cases. You may consider also Arigato Pak – although I have no idea about which is the less expensive…
    By the way, recently n5MD started a special repress series in Arigato Pak. I’m going to buy the SubtractiveLAD one which I missed and see how it is.

  3. GoddakkAttack says:

    or Moon. which isn’t hte same type of movie but i think you may dig it. also i think Bowie’s son either directed or wrote this possibly both.

  4. Sunshine is the same movie in certain ways, but better mainly because it doesn’t try to showcase special effects (which always makes something dated & cheesy, sometimes already when it comes out). Solaris is kind of the same movie but better also. I haven’t seen Moon yet, but I hear good things & if it ever happens to be on in a room where I am sitting I plan to watch it.

    I looked at the aragato pak & I think I might go ahead & work with Shane Sauers (Rollerball/Miss Massive Snowflake/Starbage Hands) & make something similar of my own design specifically to fit Silber’s needs. I think the aragato design isn’t very friendly for radio & that’s something I really want to be.

    • Nic says:

      Well, Arigato Pak may appear to be hard to open but this is not always the case. Some letterpress releases that I have in my collection are very complicated to open without damaging the artwork though.
      I remember when Independent Project Records used to release limited edition CDs packaged in those tasty letterpress cases. I bought the Half String stuff, it was not so easy to extract each CD from its case :D

  5. michael says:

    I’m not one to be influenced by the “handmade” thing people tend to drop with limited releases. Cd sized objects – no matter how much love has went into them – don’t influence my decision to purchase an album.

    However, I’d be naive to ignore that people really like these things.