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So I was trying to make it so the Silber Facebook Page (as opposed to just my personal page) has posts feed in from my Twitter.  It seems like for the non-personal pages it can only go one way (Facebook posting to Twitter), anyone know if I can get it to auto-update?  I’ve been thinking about trying to invest $10 in advertising the page, but not unless I can make it have regular content flowing in so it eventually drives traffic back to the Silber site so people can buy stuff.  You know, if I can get 1000 new followers at a penny a piece & generate one physical order or two digital ones from it over the course of a year, it pays for itself.  Though I think that those numbers are slightly optimistic. Got a semi-final draft done for Lost Kisses #23.  Still have to lay it out for drawing. Spent some time updating a bunch of pages on the website.  Still getting used to the new WYSIWYG editor I’m using (Kompozer).  I wish I could find one that doesn’t screw with my code & doesn’t crash, but I guess that’s too much to ask for. There’s a new MP3 compilation from Dreamland called “Around” that includes tracks by Silber folks Remora & Northern Valentine plus a ton of our allies like Shiny Around the Edges, More States, Landing, & Yellow6.  The Remora track is in the mecha style. Here it is, I haven’t listened to it all yet, I think it’s three hours or so long.

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  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    for the plumerai page, i update on reverbnation and it feeds FBpage, twitter, myspace.